Are you a Woman On A Mission?


Exciting news!
We’re opening the doors to our next intake of our Woman on a Mission program!



Our programme was launched in January 2017 and we’ve had some incredible results!


I have been part of the DFC family now for around six weeks and have seen so many changes in myself. It has, without any hyperbole, changed my life. The ladies that I have met so far on my fitness journey have been nothing short of amazing and Claire is just a superwoman. This isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change that gets results. I have lost pounds, made friends and rediscovered the ‘old me’. If you are undecided, this is a must do. You are investing in you. Emma

This is by far the best choice I’ve made for my health since giving up smoking 3 years ago! Not only physically but mentally I feel stronger than EVER before. With regular health MOT’s with Claire I can see the little things I’m doing are adding up to something big! If you’d told me even 5 months ago that my attitude towards fitness, health and well-being would be where it is today I’d have told you, you’ve got the wrong girl! But I’m not the wrong girl, I’m just a different (stronger, fitter, lighter) version of that same girl who’s smashing each challenge put in front of her! And what’s made it even better….. all the beautiful like-minded friends I’ve made, helping me every step of the way!! DFC can change your life, all you’ve got to do is let it!! Cory


I could go on…

So due to popular demand, we’ve opened the doors again!
We’re looking to work with our second group of 12 women over the next 12 months who are looking to lose between 4-6 stone.


If you are thinking 2018 is going to be your year where you make those positive changes to your health – this offer is for YOU.

maybe you’ve tried and failed already this year OR just don’t know where to start..?

We are here to help.


If you have 6 stone to lose, that’s just 1/2 stone a month..

See what some of our current Women On A Mission say about our programme…

We will help you with:










The Fitness


Essentially, all the things you need in place to get you where YOU want to be in 2018.

This is a time limited offer

Check out this link and we will get you on the right track…

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Thank you so much, we look forward to seeing you at camp!