Are you on a Woman who’s on a Mission in 2018…?

I’m looking to work with 12 women over the next 12 months who are looking to make positive changes to their lifestyle in 2018.

If you are thinking 2018 is going to be your year where you make those positive changes to your health, lifestyle, work / life balance – this offer is for YOU.

We will help you with
the fitness

Essentially, all the things you need in place to get you where YOU want to be in 2018.

Maybe you’re looking to lose between 4-6 stone in 2018?

If you have 6 stone to lose, that’s just 1/2 stone a month..

This is a time limited offer – please contact me and I will get you on the right track before the end of next year.


We'd love you to come along for FREE and try our fun fitness camp here in Ivybridge and also get my blogs packed with health tips, videos and recipes keeping you healthy in body and mind.

Thank you so much, we look forward to seeing you at camp!