I get it, this time of year all thoughts of staying on track go just a little bit out of the window – you were being pulled from pillar to post with demands from family, deadlines at work and you sat up until goodness know when wrapping pressies on Christmas Eve!

Sound familiar..?

Are you thinking back to this time last year, remembering that conversation with yourself that next year I’ll be in control..

“Next Christmas, I’ll be more organised….”

“Next Christmas I’ll wearing the clothes I want to, so I feel happier being in photographs being visiting family..”

“Next Christmas, I’ll be fitter so that I’m not exhausted or totally puffed as I try to run from shop to shop trying to get those last minute gifts..?”

Sound familiar?

Well I have the solution and I’d love to invite you to find out more on 16th January..

Put the worries aside, I have your health and fitness covered for 2018, all you need to do is let me know you’re joining me for an evening of company with like minded people, all ready to take action in 2018 to a healthier and happier lifestyle..

If you’re thinking it’s now or never and you just need to find that mojo to get you started, book your place now..

Here’s that link again: Book me in!

PS if you can’t make it yet would like to have a conversation to find out more, let me know..