Relax and Revive in the French Alps...

​You're ready to truly take time out for you?

You'll hand over your phone, switch off and create a greater feeling of being in control

It's time to get your next adventure booked!

Have you ever felt you’d like to switch off from the outside world for just a couple of days..? I sometimes do.  

Last Summer we spent a beautiful few days kayaking amongst the stunning scenery of the Norwegian Fjords. 

This year, we're focusing on reviving yourself by spending a few days in the glorious French Alps!

If you've never been before, you'll be totally blown away by the sheer beauty of the views, the mountains, the silence, calm and breathtaking concept of perhaps breaking right out your comfort zone!

Take time away from your busy and hectic life to give your mind, body and soul the time it deserves to revive!

There really is nothing more perfect than the beauty of the open space to think, re-evaluate and dare to dream…

We will be looking after your phone for the entire retreat but don't fret you will still be able to stay in touch with the outside world on a daily basis!

You will enjoy amazing views of the mountains and comfortable spacious rooms in the spacious six bedroomed chalet.

The shared rooms have an authentic alpine style, feeling cosy and relaxed.

You will have your own bath robe and complimentary flip flops so you can feel comfy and at home during your stay.

With an out door hot tub or onsite sauna you can really allow your body to indulge and relax during your stay.

Sometimes, you just need to jump right in.. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

And let me tell you, I am so glad that I spent this time away with great people last summer and that's why I'm excited to be inviting you to join me on this Retreat this year.

"When I did this I finally learnt how to stop blaming myself for things that went wrong and stop worrying about the future"

I'm inviting 11 people to join me on

26-29th April 2018

who are looking to hit the pause button

and focus on themselves

What will be included:

  • 3 nights at a beautiful chalet in the French Alps
  • All meals and snacks prepared by the Chalet's chef
  • Beautiful walks to clear the mind
  • Mindset coaching - we will teach you the Elegant You style of living.
  • ​Daily yoga sessions to revive your body
  • Relaxing in the Hot tub & Sauna
  • Transfers to and from the Airport

Remember places are limited and first come first served.

Total cost of the weekend will include all food, accommodation, airport transfers, guide and equipment*

Start thinking about a true adventure and experience of a lifetime.

We depart on Thursday 26th April from Bristol Airport and return on Sunday evening and will create memories you’ll never forget.

Ready to live the dream..?

​Be ready to put in place a series of actions that are going to make some massive changes in your life.

*flights not included

Early Bird Offer £749 pay in full

Full Price : £949 (payment options available)

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Thank you so much, we look forward to seeing you at camp!