It’s been a beautiful, crisp clear day in Devon. We even woke up to a little covering of snow this morning.
The children are on 1/2 term, so especially excited and as tomorrow is also my birthday – it seems everyone here is in a particularly jolly mood!
It may have escaped you that tomorrow is also Shrove Tuesday, (pancake day) traditionally a day which is celebrated by eating pancakes before giving up or looking to change something in order to prove ones life..
So have you given it much thought?
Are you planning on giving something up for Lent?
Do let me know…
I’m still going on giving up caffeine and sugar this February (tomorrow will be interesting!) and I’m actually really enjoying the Challenge. I’ll share more later this week..
So this evening I’m sharing with you my favourite pancake recipe – we love it in our house and I’m sure you will too..
Banana Pancakes. 
dash of coconut oil or butter
1 handful of fresh (or frozen berries) I love raspberries on their own but anything will do
1/4 tsp cinnamon
¼ cup ground almonds
1 banana
2 eggs
Natural yogurt
Melt the coconut oil / butter on a low heat on a flat pan
Mash the banana.
Beat your eggs together with the ground almonds and banana.
Spoon the mixture onto the hot pan (think scotch pancake size and flip over after a minutes or two..
Repeat until all the mixture is used (or it can be stored in the fridge for another day)
Serve with natural yogurt and berries, with a dash of cinnamon.
Be ready to make plenty more!
Let me know how you enjoy them – I’d love you to tag me into your pictures on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram)
I’ll be sharing my pancakes there too!

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