Throwback this Monday to sunnier climes on the beach last summer..  when the children started the “bear hunt” song and we had so much fun!

I’m really missing the feel on warm summer sun on my face and love the freedom we seem to have in the sunnier, warmer days of the year..

January always seems such a long month doesn’t it? We always try to plan our holiday in January and this year is without exception.. that’s if we can fit something in around the swim meets that is!

For sure whatever we end up doing – it’ll have to be relaxing with a huge dollup of fun!

One of the key finances of my Elegant You Programme is FUN – sometimes we get so caught up in life we forget to have FUN! Hope I’m not on my own here…

On the Elegant You Revive Retreat I’m hosting in April, we will not only be exploring how to inject more fun into our lives but be having a fab time with like-minded people whilst we do so!

What does images does the word “fun” create on your mind?
What do you love doing in your spare time?
What would you like to be doing MORE of?

Imagine having the space and time to find out…Do you ever feel like you’ve lost your identity due to wearing so many hats as mother, wife, career woman etc?

Have you ever thought “if only I could press the pause button so I could get on top of my thoughts and gain some control back into my life?” .

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