I have a gift for you today 🙂
I’ve been working behind the scenes to bring you the very best and I’ve also been listening to comments both at DFC, during the Motivation MOT’s I do with my clients and from feedback generally throughout the years …
Many of you are time poor but LOVE good quality foods.
Many of you get stuck for ideas and struggle to decide what you need to “stay on track” especially if you are pushed for time..
I think I have the perfect solution 🙂
I have been looking for several years for a company to offer you food boxes delivered to your door, full of groceries to cook you wholesome yet delicious foods which you’ll look forward to AND won’t have you reaching for the bread bin an hour or so later. To date no-one has quite cut it!
I’m keen to work with the very best and the ethos at the Mindful Chef exactly what we are about at DFC and what’s more they are from Devon!
I have arranged a super special code for you for your first order and as proud Ambassador for them, they will be working closely with me to provide you with delicious recipes so you can and the DFC without stress…
These boxes are perfect for when you know you have a crazy week coming up and need to ensure the stress is kept to a minimum.
Excited you bet!
To get you started simply use this code: mindfulchef.com/DFC10 to receive a super £10 off your first order.
Here’s a recipe that you can add to your menu straight away!
It’s totally yummy and one I’m keen to try too.
Let me know how you get on and when your first box arrives – can’t wait to see.
Best wishes
Claire x