We had a fabulous day the other day as Maryanne and I met Jeramiah’s Journey Laura and Team.

They shared with us the amazing work they are doing and that they are in their 21st year. Do take a moment to check out their work. I for one would want their support if I was fighting a terminal illness or wasn’t around for my children through their stages of grief. Jeremiah’s Journey is a charity you hope you’ll never need but very grateful they exist.

Devon Fit Camp and I are very proud to be supporting Maryanne Earl as she trains for her first marathon next Spring and are delighted to be hosting a charity workout for her chosen charity Jeremiah’s Journey..

We have decided to go on a mission to help Maryanne raise as much money for Jeremiah’s Journey as possible and we’d like you to help us!

Let’s melt some pounds raise some pounds, get together, be totally BRILLIANT and get involved!

We will be holding a HUGE fitness session, that anyone can join in on, you can even bring your kids along to jump about and burn some energy if you like, friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, WHOEVER, the more the merrier!

Wouldn’t it be fab to have as many people from our local community getting together to raise some money for Jeremiah’s Jouney. It’ll be a great start to your day too!

We are going to holding a HUGE fun 45 minute workout (give yourself 50 mins max, so we can get warmed up) in Ivybridge on

Saturday 25th November at 9am.

We want as many people as possible to join in, team up, get a bit of community spirit and do something FANASTIC!

Hey! You can even dress-up if you like, in fact that’d be fab!

And DON’T worry this will be OK for participation at ANY level. It is not going to be TOO HARD, I’m going to make this so you can train whatever your level of fitness. I mean you will be able to make it hard (if you prefer it that way too)

All I’m asking is that everyone who attends donates (whatever you can) to JEREMIAH’S JOURNEY, that’s it, you can have a fun training session with bunch of SUPER COOL charitable chaps for a £1, £5 or £10 or (whatever you fancy giving)

So join us at the Devon Fit Camp HQ, South Devon Tennis Centre in Ivybridge on:

Saturday 25th November at 9am – why not stay for a drink afterwards..

You can help so many children locally live a better life follwoing the grieving process – take a look here for more details about their great work: http://jeremiahsjourney.org.uk/about-us/what-we-do/

Can’t make it but want to support this amazing charity – please make your donation here: http://bit.ly/2hReLnH

Let’s get together and make this happen

Maryanne and the DFC Team 🙂

PS We might even have a special guest