I hope you had an amazing Christmas with your friends and family.

The last few days every year are like a roller coaster for me!

December is my busiest month, not only with the Christmas festivities in full throw but organising Birthday celebrations for my two children in Christmas/ New Year week too. Crazy!!

So it’s here.. the week between Christmas and New Year is always an odd one..

The tree is starting to wilt, the last of the chocolates and mince pies are there winking at you and thoughts turn towards what the New Year Might bring..

2018 is right on top of us faster than we would ever believe and suddenly the pressure is on to get right back on track is here after the relaxing days off from work (for most of you) the pressure is on to improve on everything we did last year and do more, more, more.

Number 1 on my New Year’s resolutions or my goals list is to pass it on and delegate and get more done in the day and stop at a designated time, so I can spend as much time with my family as possible.

So, have you thought about your goals yet?

The trick is to plan and plot and really make them happen

What do you need to do to ensure 2018 gets off to a great start?

Have you made a new 12 month goals list?

Maybe I can predict what is top of your list? (ha, see what I did there!)

Losing the Christmas lbs? I wonder? The average person in the UK puts on a staggering 11 lbs over the festive season!

It is easily done, the chocolates are there for the taking, not to mention the Christmas drinks offered at every opportunity but right now I’m guessing you are keen to get stuck into January as you mean to go on?

They say if you haven’t already planned your New Years resolutions, you’ve already failed!

They say it’s too late to leave it til the clock chimes at New year or even consider making them with a hangover on New Year’s Day..!

However, it’s not to late to plan your health and fitness goals for 2018

Let me help!

Devon Fit Camp is back with more energy than ever before, more fat blasting workouts for you to melt the pounds and inches away, fantastic healthy nutrition plans to guide you through the “what’s best to eat” problems and 

Our 777 Project. is now available ANYTIME so you can start now if you wish!

You’re guaranteed to lose 7lbs and 7 inches in 7 days and get rid of that Christmas bloat fast!! It’s an online programme but you can train with us at Devon Fit camp if you live close enough..

Of course if you’d like to really get on top of your health and fitness goals, get in touch and we can have a conversation about how you can start 2018 raring to go!