I’m stuck…

… and I wonder if you are too..?

January kinda sucks doesn’t it in some ways…

You’ve got those who are dedicated and know where they are heading and those who are drifting along and not sure what they are planning fitness wise this year..

For the first time in years – I’m stuck!

Things have changed for me this year..

My daughter is a swimmer and is going from strength to strength having competed in the Summer and Winter British and English Championships this last year.. and is on track to do the same plus some more events this year. Her calendar (and mine) is pretty full already..

This year her fitness and swimming competitions are taking priority, it’s taking poll position as I find myself prepping and planning meals, washing more than I can tell you, massaging her achy muscles, ensuring she keeps on top of school work and generally trying to keep her as fit and healthy as I can..

Thankfully the hubby is key in her support too and takes both the children to their training – we make a great team.

I’m super excited for her – she’s passionate about her training, her events and doing the best she can.

She has a great head on her shoulders too..

I’m one proud mummy I can tell you!

However, having run the London Marathon for the last 4 consecutive years and electively opted not to run this year- I’m kinda stuck!

I’m missing my drive, my focus and the latter part of last year, I was fine with it. I knew I’d have a plan..

An annual mission and yet it’s late January and it’s not yet hit me.

A small part of me is pretty envious of the posts I’m seeing on social media of the training runs taking place, the nerves and excitement that the London Marathon brings..

Especially for the first timers – I remember my first race.. thinking, wishing it was over as the expectation I felt to do well was high.. now I’d love to have that experience again.

Having said that I’m excited for those who are training fro London – it still gives me a buzz of excitement.

One of our Camp members is running “the London” for the first time and I’m proud to be helping her.. Keep posted for updates on how her training is going and a big announcement next week!

What are you aiming for this year..?

Do you need to get unstuck, like me..?

I need to find a new personal fitness passion.. (don’t get me wrong – I LOVE training my crew at Devon Fit Camp, but I love a personal challenge too!)

Something to get me excited..

Something to get passionate about training again.

I’m hoping that’s where you come in…!

Maybe you are stuck too and want a accountability to get you moving again some would call it a kick up the butt! (I can help with that!)

Maybe you’re not stuck but have an awesome idea of what I can try ..

It HAS to be related to fitness but please not in the water… I might have given birth to two pretty happy and confident swimmers but the idea of swimmer an open water event or triathlon really makes me feel quite ill.. Trust me, my fab team at DFC have tried their best to get me excited about open water swimming but it simply fills me with more dread than I can share…

So hit me now with ideas of how I can challenge myself this year..

Remember, I took an informed decision on not running a big event as time to train is limited.. most weekends see me working on poolside..

if you’re a swim parent, I’d love to hear from you too! How do you fit your training in around the poolside competitions?

Going through these emotions right now makes me sure I’m not ready to hang up my marathon trainers just yet which is interesting, I was only supposed to run one and tick it off my bucket list!

Just switching track for a year or so..

Do you have the solution?

I’d love to hear from you.. If you’re stuck I’d love to know more…








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