Two more sleeps to go! 

What are your plans?

Many of you are travelling all over the country and some of you are having family visit you (we’ve got out last DFC session at 9am today and we’re travelling tomorrow) Pop down to camp if you’d like to see hello, bring your trainers – you can join in!

I’ll let you into a secret …I love Christmas 🙂

And like most parents, I absolutely LOVE seeing it through my children’s eyes. It’s truly beautiful.The moment that first Advent window popped open, our house has buzzed with Christmas excitement.

Yes, Christmas is great isn’t it? I’m really looking forward to enjoying it with good friends and family.

Bring on the festive fun! It’s fun the let your hair down, pop those corks and snaffle the mince pies … but there are often “weighty consequences” after the last champagne bubbles have burst.You know what I mean?

Did you know that the average Brit puts on 11 lbs over the Festive Season?

Could you be left wondering where those extra numbers on the bathroom scales appeared from?

Here are some handy hints…

Christmas Day! 

Don’t let all that go to waste now! Here are some top tips for Christmas

  • Start Christmas morning with a healthy but special breakfast, for pure DFC luxury why not opt for scrambled eggs and smoked salmon! Heavenly!
  • Without spoiling your appetite (and waistline) during the day, go for healthy snacks such as crudities . These can be prepared ahead too!
  • Bowls of unsalted nuts with dried fruit are fab for nibbling.
  • If the box of foiled wrapped chocolates come your way, during the Queens Speech, don’t throw away the wrappers – keep them in front of you so you know how many you have had. It helps keep you on track too!
  • Avoid that uncomfy full feeling by pacing yourself and eating slowly throughout the day.
  • Remember email last week on Christmas lunch? Enjoy and be thrilled knowing how hard you’ve worked the Lunch itself is pretty health – just watch those trimmings!
  • Exercise – it’s now a huge part of your life! So you know how beneficial it is, especially during the festivities – remember my Burpee Challenge?! Exercise will help you keep refreshed, aid digestion and may motivate you to do more than sit in front of the television.
Boxing Day Dilemmas
OK, so we have gone through the DFC thoughts on avoiding the Christmas Day fest without feeling rubbish on Boxing Day but what happens if you have an invitation to a Boxing Day buffet or still have Christmas parties to attend?
Here are a few handy tips on what to aim for and what to avoid in order to keep your waistline in tact without being miserable! Buffet food at Christmas parties is usually far from fat-free and the atmosphere is usually carefree, which doesn’t always help.
Those four words “Go on, it’s Christmas!” don’t have to mean trouble! The alcohol is always flowing at this time of year and many people just want to let loose after months of hard work. Offers of warm crispy sausage rolls, mince pies drenched in cream, another glass of bubbles can easily weaken your resolve.
  • Remember buffets have the potential to make or break your strong will.
  • Always have a light snack before you go.
  • If you arrive not having eaten all day, you’ll be more likely to hover at the buffet table and overindulge when so much delicious food is on offer.
  • If you can, stay clear of fried foods and pastry wrapped foods such as samosas, battered prawns, wontons, vol-au-vents, sausage rolls and mini-quiches.
  • Instead opt for lean meats such a turkey, chicken or beef, smoked salmon, fresh prawns, salads or crudités with dips.
Want to beat a hangover?
Drink wisely – I know I am stating the obvious but it does make sense! Alcohol dehydrates you, potentially causing a thumping headache, dizziness and sickness the next morning, not to mention craving a day of carbs to be that horrid feeling.
By drinking water throughout the day or evening, you will keep your hydration topped up, which should minimize the hangover. A good idea is to put a glass of water by your bed, before you go out, so that when you get home, you’ll be prompted to drink it! It’s also worth remembering that gentle exercise can help you process the alcohol out of your system faster and the fresh air will certainly clear your head.
HOWEVER – this is your time! I am not suggesting you challenge your family to the “Dirty Dozen” but a long walk or family cycle ride will definitely clear the cobwebs! I really do want you to rest and recuperate over the break.  just plenty of fresh air, mucking about with the children on the beach or on the moor, or long walks. It’s good for you remember!
Whatever your plans, have a fabulous time – don’t fall completely off the wagon but do enjoy yourselves and relax!
January is coming at you! So be prepared.
The 777 Project is back available ANYTIME so you can simply log in and start straight away! Our first camp back after New Year is on the 2nd January so if you’d like to book your place you can now and you’d like to share with your friends, please do!
However, we do have sessions all over the Christmas period – check our Facebook page for full details
Have a fabulous Christmas, you deserve it!