Ahh it’s Wednesday and I’ve got to admit, I’m beginning to feel a little bit more Christmassy now..

Aren’t you..?

Last week, I was a little bit grumpy about it I have to admit…! I heard the first Christmas song on the radio and it really caught me by surprise..?

Why were they playing the Christmas tunes already..?

It was still November! There was talk of putting up Christmas trees and decorations… I felt totally out of touch!

Was I on my own..?

I couldn’t figure it out… Why was I so grumpy and really digging my heels in about the forthcoming festivities? I love Christmas!

I actually felt quite sad about it and really couldn’t put my finger on it.. then the penny dropped whilst talking to my husband this last weekend..

For the last 8 years or so I have been a parent at primary school and this is the first year that I won’t be involved in helping to organise Christmas fairs, the carol concert refreshments, and helping the serve Christmas lunch..

My youngest left primary school in the summer and is happily settled in his new school… I was so pleased and happy that both my children had made a smooth transition that I didn’t really give it much thought how I felt about the things that wouldn’t be happening anymore..

Christmas hadn’t “snuck” up on me in the recent years because our fabulous chairperson had been planning the festivities since the first day back at school after the summer break..!

I guess this is the first year I won’t be involved in any such festivities – “they don’t have carol concerts or nativity plays at big school mummy!”

To be honest, now I have realised what the problem was, I feel strangely sad about it. I hadn’t expected to feel this way at all!

They say you never know what you’ve lost until it’s gone .. for now I’m feeling really lucky to have had the opportunity to have spent so many years being apart of that way of crazy school life BUT now it’s about moving onto the next chapter ..

I’m super proud of my children and excited for their next phase of school life..

I’ve dusted myself off, snuggled down in front of the fire and watched a Christmas movie with them last weekend and feel a whole lot better..

I’m hoping you won’t think I’m a crazy lady..! I’d love to hear your take on how things change over the years…

Someone once told me to “remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow and life for today”

.. if you’re heading of to a Nativity play or carol concert, next week – have a super time.. That last one might be here before you know it.

Embrace these moments.. they’re so special ..

Have a lovely day!


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