Are you ready to join us for the camp?

Imagine a First-Class Personal Training session, then imagine a party with good friends, merge the two together…

That’s what comes close to describing the energy and the atmosphere in a Devon Fit Camp session.

The Fitness Camp is our most popular class because of its high energy and motivating environment.

We’ve taken the best exercises from personal training, the environment from team training, and the music from your favourite nights out put them all together and created a transformational experience.

The fitness camp is for people who are looking to train as part of a big community of people.

90% of the people who join the fitness camp have no prior gym experience… So it’s a great environment to learn how to execute movements with phenomenal form.

This is a class that helps people fall in love or back in love with group exercise because of its judgement free environment and its well-scaled exercises… Meaning you and I could be working out together, we could be doing the exact same exercise, yet you may be using heavier ramrollers to make it that little bit tougher. Or we can adopt that exercise to suit you better.

The results that people get from attending this class include drastic fat loss, incredible fitness levels, better mobility, enhanced confidence and a daily sense of achievement.

But more importantly, you just can’t wait to get to exercise each day.

We aim to make this the BEST part of your day where you get to be yourself, have some fun and do something that really challenges you each day…instead of exercise being the thing you dread.

What times are the classes?

Frequently asked questions…

Do I have to attend the same class time?

Ideally, you’d attend the same time each day, as this makes for much better habit creation, e.g. off your pillow into your gym clothes…However, we understand that people work shifts and need flexibility. We allow for that and you are welcome to be flexible.

How many sessions do I HAVE to attend?

We recommend starting off with a minimum of 3 classes per week to get maximum results. Some of our members train up to 5 times per week. This is something you can ask us in your Strategy Call. Start small and build up.

What happens if I don’t know anyone?

99% of the people that join don’t know anyone in the classes, after your first session we’ll guarantee you’ll know 2-3 people’s names and they’ll know yours. If you’re a little nervous or unaccustomed to meeting people in this environment you’ll quickly learn it’s the EASIEST place to meet new people with similar interests (and struggles)… Equally, you can always invite a friend to join you and you’ll have your very own accountability partner from day one.

What kind of exercises do you do?

The exercises are predominantly body weight, however we add light, medium and heavier Ramrollers, medicine balls, tyres and boxes. We even add boxing from time to time. These pieces of equipment are used with a huge emphasis placed on using great form for effective results and yet fun as well .. Our workouts are never boring or repetitive, you’ll never repeat the same workout in any given week or month.

Will I be the most unfit person there?

You could be the fittest or just got off the couch and you’d not be able to tell. We don’t do workouts where anyone gets ‘left behind’. We don’t often do running and if we do there is always an alternative…If you are the most unfit person, you’ll be the fastest improver in the class.

We can accommodate injury and exercise preference even in our largest classes. Our trainers are schooled in exercise adaptation so you can workout even if you struggle with a particular movement.

Small group training

For those who want a mind blowing, fat torching personal training experience… we have our Small Group Training programs available.

Small group training is the sweet spot between training in a group, having a 1-2-1 trainer and getting a mentor.

Our small group training has all the personal programming created from 1-2-1 personal training matched with the accountability of having 3 gym partners. It also has the added value of having a professional mentor to help with things like confidence, self awareness and leadership.

We have our own programs aimed at specific groups of people they love working with. Some specialise in working with Ladies, Dads, Women with special health considerations, business people even those who just struggle with confidence.

What we help you do is find the right programme for the struggle that you’re currently trying to solve.

What stands small group training apart from any other program is the intimacy of the group. We reserve spaces on our small group training programs for very accountable people. This creates small and very powerful teams of people who help one another.

On a “SGT” program you will have your very own program written for you, which will be tailored specifically for your body/ lifestyle and the goals that you have, which includes:

A personalised program:

A personalised training plan, designed specifically to meet your needs. This will be written by your trainer to help you work the areas that you want to tone, shape or build the most.

This may also include achievements you wish to surpass for example doing 5 s or running 5k.

Weekly one to one motivational measurements:

We work on data not drama, meaning we will help you assess what’s going on ‘under the hood’. Weekly ultrasound body fat assessments will help you work out how much body fat you are losing, alongside having your measurements taken by a fitness professional so that you’ll see the fruits of your labour week after week.

We’ll equally show you how to track your habits and work on 1 thing each week which will make changing your body as simple as following a sat nav.

Its an opportunity to join a very progressive group of people that are looking after their health so they can expand their experiences of life, have more fun and be around high performing people.

What is a mentor?

A Mentor is a skilled/ qualified and trusted advisor.  We are highly trained and qualified in the areas of personal training, Health & Nutrition coaching and Life coaching. 

We want you to get the very best results from your programme and that’s why we invest in the very best.

Having a mentor in any area of your life can help make getting results Faster, Easier and more certain. Working closely with a health coach or mentor will ensure you rapidly change your health.

A mentor is there for you to be accountable to and to help you forge incredible health. This will include helping and guiding and even challenging you where necessary.


What can I expect from this program?

Our small group sessions are an entirely transformational experience. We’ll help you indulge in transforming your self perception, confidence and physical appearance.

So you can expect to experience huge leaps forward in how you see yourself, what you say to yourself in the mirror each day and please don’t blame us if you start pushing yourself more in your work and your relationships.

Can I do this if I work irregular shift patterns?

Yes…we’d be crazy if we didn’t work with you on this one!

All of our coaches have 2 small groups where you may liaise with the Coach to ensure you get to your regular sessions.

All of our training programs are online also so if you miss your session or are away on business you can access your program via our programming application for your phone…

See we got this all thought out….

And guess what… If you brought something we had to adapt to fit your life we’d work to find a way.


These are 2 very transformational programs. Each boasting phenomenal successes. If you’d like individual personal training – please do get in touch.

So working out which one is the best fit we can also help you.

Our team offer Strategy Calls to help our members and our future members an opportunity to get some direction or advice.

These calls focus on finding the problem you are trying to solve, when you want it solved by and the ‘DFC’ way of getting you there…

Whether that’s one of our programs or helping you find the BEST solution for you… these sessions are free and nothing is for sale on the calls.

To request a Strategy Call simply click the button below and fill in our very short form.

We'd love you to come along for FREE and try our fun fitness camp here in Ivybridge and also get my blogs packed with health tips, videos and recipes keeping you healthy in body and mind.

Thank you so much, we look forward to seeing you at camp!