I thought these top tips might come in handy just to keep those cortisol levels under control!
The school holidays are here and before you know it, they’ll be just a blur – unless you get organized.
If you spent last year rushing around at the eleventh hour, give yourself a head start this year to avoid the stress and anxiety of last minute preparations.
Here are some proven tips you can do today to keep you ahead of the game! 

Holiday Checklist

  • Prepare your guest room. Clean the guest room and put fresh sheets on the bed. Clean the guest bathroom and stock with toilet paper, soap, and toiletries. The last thing you want is your guests arriving as you are making their beds! Make them feel extra special by adding a little gift on their pillow or at the foot of their bed.
  • Plan meals. If you haven’t done this already, gather your favorite recipes. Decide on your menu(s). Write your grocery shopping list and if you haven’t already booked, why not get your food shopping delivered to you? Waitrose, Sainsburies and Tesco all have their order dates on their websites so you could order now for weeks in advance, handy for when you just can’t face it in January.
  • Clean out the fridge and freezer. You need to make room for special foods and leftovers. Donate items you don’t need to a food bank. Shop ahead for non-perishables such as snacks and beverages.
  • Prepare food in advance. Double up on a few recipes over the next couple of days and freeze the extra portions for easy meals for after the holidays. Or do all your baking in advance and freeze the finished product. You can do this with soups, casseroles – you name it!
  • Ready for dinner guests. Wash holiday glassware and china. Iron napkins and tablecloths. If you don’t use your dining room table every day, set the table up today.
I know this all sounds super organised but the more you do now, the less stressed you’ll be!
Of course, if you are going away this year, enjoy!!!
Get an early night – this is crucial, as tempting as it is to stay up and get those jobs done.
Look after you, or you’ll collapse in a heap and sleep through Christmas!

PS Whilst you’re being prepared, take a look at what we have planned 😉