I love hearing about the traditions each family share at Christmas don’t you..?

I especially love the little things each family do and how they came about..

Like when does the Christmas Tree go up?

Are you an early bird and already have your home and maybe even garden decorated?

As a family, we’ve always put up the tree and decorated the house the weekend the children break up from school, regardless of whether we are home or away for the big day – can’t not have a tree up in the house!

Mainly today I’m going to encourage you to breathe!

It’s all super busy at the moment and I don’t know about you but it’s tempting to start burning the candle at both ends just to stay on top of things isn’t it?

There have been so many coughs, colds and all things horrid out there recently that may have stopped you from enjoying your training and even sleeping.

Not got the dreaded lurgy yet?

Here’s how to boost your immune system and keep strong this winter!

A healthy diet

Yup, you knew I was going to say that! It goes without saying that a healthy diet is by far the most effective way to boost your immune system.

Aim to eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, fresh fish and lean meat.

The best winter seasonal vegetables include broccoli, brussel sprouts, onions, peppers, apples, cranberries, clementines and spinach. Walnuts and brazil nuts are also great for the immune system.

Essential fatty acids

Oily fish, sardines, mackerel, salmon and trout are all fantastic for fighting your immune system. Oily fish is a highly concentrated source of omega 3 essential fatty acids.

We can’t produce omega 3 so it is vital we get it from our diet. Aim to eat oily fish once a week at least or alternative supplement with a fish oil.

Herbs and Spices
It is possible to increase your immune system with some herbal power!

• Echinacea limits the duration and severity of infections by stimulating the immune system cells that are key weapons against infection. Available in capsules, tincture and extracts. Take a soon as that “cold feeling” starts as a short term remedy until any infection clears.
• Ginger, used in cooking, not only adds to flavour but can help improve circulation and digestion. It can also be drunk as a herbal remedy to promote perspiration and reduce temperature from cold or flu!
• Garlic has a reputation for being one of natures’ miracle cures. A great natural antibiotic, it helps boost the immune system and gives protection against colds and flu. Add to your recipes for additional seasoning but make sure you share or you could be sleeping on your own!

Although the body will naturally attempt to detoxify toxins through the lymphatic system, it may need a little help.

An excess of toxins can cause low energy levels, poor digestion, headaches, allergies, weight gain, skin problems and so on….. Ughhhh!

You will need to keep up fluid levels. Keeping up with the water will encourage lymphatic drainage, helping remove the unwanted toxins from the blood stream and lightening the load from the immune system.

If you do go down that slippery slope of bugs, increase your vitamin C and D and also the Greens Drink (we love this one ) – you’ll be fighting fit in no time.

Rest and sleep
Quite possibly the best medicine in the world, enough said!

‘Tis the festive season and all that and most of the general public will be sitting flicking from film to film and tucking into the chocolates, indulging in mince pies covered in double cream.

On top of that we’re often tempted by party after party, mostly burning the candle at both ends…

It’s not surprising that many of us tend to feel sluggish and put on weight at this time of year. Not us though eh?

You have been given the tools to make sound decisions without ruining your Christmas.

Keep up the exercise when you can. Wrap up warm and go for a brisk walk with the family, tempting as it is to stay inside, when the sluggish feeling starts creeping in, head for the big outdoors!

Head to the beach for a game of cricket, rounders or whatever takes your fancy. Have fun!

I have a challenge for you, I really want you to enjoy your Christmas but how about this…. 20 burpees a day throughout the season, get the children involved, make it fun!

Have a great Thursday !

I’m ticking off that ‘to do’ list slowly…


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