It’s the first Monday of December and this month I’m dedicating it to “being Kind” and I’d love you to join me.. (I launched my campaign on BBC Radio Devon this morning on Pause for Thought)

Dalai Lama says “ Be kind whenever possible. It’s always possible”

I love that quote .. it sounds so simple doesn’t it..?

I often speak about random acts of kindness and especially at this time of year. In the hustle and bustle of life, we are in a rush to get from A to B.. sometimes forgetting that everyone else is too.

I’d like to take a moment to consider all the people we meet along the way in our everyday lives..

Consider the people who serve us in shops who have been listening to Christmas music since the end of October!! (they deserve a medal!)

Consider the postal workers and delivery staff who are keen to get our parcels and packages to us on time..

Consider the NHS staff and emergency services who care for us every day…

Consider so many people we just take for granted…

I’ve seen so many people who are stressed and short fused react to situations without taking a moment to consider a long, slow breathe and being kind to the person they are standing in front of …

Now being kind doesn’t mean spending vast amounts of money or doing grand gestures.. it can be a simple case of letting someone in a traffic queue move into the traffic..

Or opening the door for someone..

Verbalising a compliment rather than thinking it in your head and not sharing your thoughts..

Or saying something positive to everyone you meet today ..

One of my favorites is to pay for the person behind me when I’m crossing the Tamar Bridge.

Another is to leaving a happy note for someone else to find ..

Recently in an airport, I was given a voucher I couldn’t use… I gave it to a couple behind me in the queue, complete strangers, I knew would be able to make use of it..

They went from surprised to shocked to “are you sure?” to “WOW! Thank you”

Selfishly it makes me feel good and smile.. I love seeing the reaction of the person receiving the thought, big or small..

I’ve shared a whole calendar of daily acts of kindness inspired by “Action for Happiness” on my blog today..

I’d love you to join me in ticking as many off as you can this month..

Feel free to share with me how it goes.. together with how you feel..

Let me know which is your favourite. Too and if you’ve added any of your own.. We’ll be creating a conversation on my facebook page, in fact I have an advent calendar there, each day there is a little nugget for you.

Let me know what you think !

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