The wheels came off for me last Friday .. I just hit the wall, super tired as the previous few weeks caught up with me – so I took the day off.. .
The batteries seriously needed recharging and I feel so much better for it.. .

Was it a good time?
No – I had a stack of work to do, exciting projects I’m working on but I knew my brain and body needed a break.. .

Not an easy admission but I’m sure we all find ourselves in this position from time to time..? .
I did what I needed to do – and sat with a cuppa (this rhubarb tea from @taylors Is my current favourite)

Previous years I would have beaten myself up for failing, not being able to “just keep going” .
I’d compare myself to others and feel a little bit crappy for letting things slip..

now I’ve learned to let it go, write myself a permission slip and cut myself some slack.. .
This is one of the reasons I’ve created the Elegant You Retreats and Day Retreats.

The next one is all about creating a new you for 2018.

A less tired, rejuvenated true and authentic you. .
This special event, is being held at the luxury Hotel du Vin, Exeter.

I’d love you to join me, Lindsay Punch, and Amanda Kingsland for a day just for you

Take a look at this link for full details – limited places available



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