Have you lost your rhythm? Everyone seems to have lost their get up and go this January..

Thank goodness February is just around the corner!!

Do you feel the same? I know I’ve been out of sorts and shared that I was stuck last week.. If you missed the blog check it our here..

(I’m loving the ideas you have for me for my challenge of 2018 by the way.. watch this space!)

Now it might seem obvious but as soon you hit that alarm clock or the kids get sick or you have had a big weekend and just don’t feel like it…you skip Monday’s workout. .


Working out on a Monday sets your psychological pattern for the rest of the week..

If you really think about it I am sure you could come up with more than one occasion where you have missed a Monday workout and you have been off rhythm all week. ( I know I have those days! !)

Make it a priority to workout on a Monday. If that means going earlier than normal, later than normal, or moving things around.

DO IT! (If you missed it yesterday – get a wriggle on today..! I’ve even added a workout for you at the bottom of this blog..)

Make sure you let us know how you are getting on. .

With 9 sessions available to you at Devon Fit Camp each week – there’s sure to be a time (s) to suit. .

Last year, we  even moved our 9am sessions to 9.15am to allow time for the school run…

If a group situation worries you but you’d like to get moving more and feeling fantastic in your clothes, then give our small group training consideration, the benefits of a 1-1 personal training with the accountability of three training partners.

Book in for a strategy call now to get your health and fitness started!

You won’t regret it – you’ll be among friends who will be supporting you all the way.

PS If you need a boost this January take a look at our Retreat to the French Alps this Spring, hurry, we have just 2 places left… 

PPS Here’s your workout – please make sure you are fully warmed up and have a drink to hand.. Repeat as many times as you wish with 2 minutes recovery in between sets.

Pop on your favourite tunes and post your post workout selfie on our facebook or Instgram tagging me in 🙂


We'd love you to come along for FREE and try our fun fitness camp here in Ivybridge and also get my blogs packed with health tips, videos and recipes keeping you healthy in body and mind.

Thank you so much, we look forward to seeing you at camp!