Do you feel overweight and miserable?
Get your confidence back TODAY!

Do you...

dread social situations because you have nothing to wear?

Do you...

wishing you had more time for you?

Do you...

want to feel better about how you look?

I know how it feels to be unfit

I have always been passionate about exercise, love the feel good factor it brings and all the other benefits that comes after a good training session but when I became a mother, soon realised it’s not always easy to fit in regular training sessions.

I know how it feels to feel unfit and unhappy! I have been there and still do struggle sometimes. I’m not perfect! Being a mother of 2 busy children, I understand what it’s like trying to fit in everyone’s need and in do so, challenging to stay in shape.

I knew that in order to feel good about myself, and be able to cope with the pressures of running a house and looking after a young family, I had to look after myself. It is for this reason I created Devon Fit Camp Results Formula so that I can help other women just like you just like you get in great shape.

I developed the Devon Fit Camp Results Formula to help give you the start you need, I know how to to keep you focused and how to maintain your fitness and great figure once you reach your goal….


Average LBS Weight Loss


Confidence Boosted

"Thank you for giving me the biggest prize of all - the fitness to enjoy playing with my children and laugh and laugh when I catch them ."

“I’m feeling great, really positive. It’s amazing that just changing the negatives into positives can completely change your day”

“I’m a different person now. I can put my hand on my heart and say I’m happy”

“I don’t think I thought I could have achieved what I have in such a short space of time, in fact more than I’d hoped for. 3 dress sizes and over 40” smaller.. I feel more confident, I have more energy – I’m happy. It’s been life changing.."

There are no magic pills but by taking small steps, we can help you…


Get your confidence back

Feel more confident in your clothes and in the bedroom, feel sexier and feel great in your own skin.

Turbo charge your energy levels through the roof!

Increase your finess levels leaving you with a fabulous figure you are proud of

Deliver you outstanding results

Make you feel “you” again

Improve your sleep patterns

Gaining a full nights sleep and waking up refreshed

Support you every step of the way and beyond….

Never feel alone in your journey

And so much more…

Money can’t buy how you are going to feel
How we will help.
Delicious recipes

Eat really nice meals with the whole family

Meals that the whole family will enjoy, no feeling left out eating something different. Save time and money.
Building better relationships with your food

There is no tricky measuring or weighing!

Worried you will feel hungry all the time? Well you won’t… better still, we make nutrition simple and uncomplicated.
Support every step of the way

You are never on your own

Support every step of the way so that you never feel you are on your own and it’s too hard.

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